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The Ecological Problems of Rivers

Posted by Jo Harper on
River Ecology
The Ecological Problems of Rivers

At present, many rivers are facing problems due to high pollution. Reasons that contribute to river pollution vary from one factor to another. According to environment protection act, many countries are taking various actions to protect rivers from different types of pollution. Protection of rivers is done according to the cause of the problem.

Industrial pollution

Pollution from industries is the main cause of dirt accumulation in river streams. Waste materials from various industries can act as a cause for the destruction of the biological system in the river. Dying of fishes in lakes and river is a fine example of this kind of river pollution. Deposition of chemical aerosol spray bottles into lakes can act as a cause of serious health hazards.

Apart from river pollution, aerosol bottles containing CFC can also become a cause of ozone depletion in the atmosphere.

Use of pesticides

Pesticide from farmland is a main factor that causes pollution in the river and other waterways. Insecticides containing hazardous chemicals and pesticides driven from farmlands to waterways can create pollution in river beds. Apart from the agricultural field, gasoline pumps near waterways can also act as a cause of pollution in river beds.

Hence it is suggested to reduce the number of petrol pumps near the riverside and other ways. Similar to petrol pumps, construction of large flats near waterways can also create ecology problems of river. So as to avoid pollution, it is advised to build waste water tanks at a concerned distance away from Riverside and other waterways.

Pollution from animal waste

Pollution due to waste products from animals is another source that creates river pollution. For example, bacteria from cow dung can enter into waterways via farmland. This condition can build up the growth of bacteria in waterways and rivers nearby it. At times, pollution can also happen due to the build-up of bacteria due to erosion, cyclone, and flood.

Pollutants from wasteland can enter to the freshwater lakes and rivers due to the occurrence of flood and cyclone. This condition can also lead the way to the growth of bacteria in the river and waterways.

Nuclear waste

Nuclear waste is another source that creates troubles in the ecology of rivers. At present, many people are concerned about the disadvantages of building a nuclear power plant in their locality.

Radioactive materials from a nuclear power plant can create environmental pollution in nearby areas. Hence the construction of nuclear power plants is done with a high-security level that can’t affect the living of people in nearby areas.

Household waste

Household waste is another main cause that can affect the riverbeds and waterways. In order to prevent this condition, people are given proper guidance for the protection of ponds, rivers, and lakes. Pollution from acid rain and the melting of an iceberg can also come as a source of river pollution in countries. This condition generally happens due to change in climatic condition.

Rivers are the source of life for a wide range of species including fishes that consumed by man. Hence it is the duty of people to preserve the ecology of rivers. Usage of pollutants that affect the normal life of species in rivers needs to be reduced so as to prevent it from dying. This factor will also help people to maintain the biological life cycle of species on earth.