About Us

Who Are We:

Board of Directors
Randy Roe - Chairman, Dick Crowl - Vice Chair, Terry Smith,  Brad Kohlhagen, Paul Norr, Rodney Renkenberger, Roy Buskirk, Ellis McFadden, Don Wyss, Adam Lehman, Charlotte Weybright, Paul McAfee and Mike Werling.
Techinical Committee
Greg Lake, Matt Jarrett, Ryan Noblit
Project Managers
Sharon Partridge and Jill Krause

Mission Statement: The St. Marys River Watershed Project's mission is to continue to improve the health of the St. Marys River through implementation of best management practices, water quality monitoring, public education, community outreach, and ecosystem restoration activities throughout the St. Marys River Watershed.

Project Area:   Our project area covers the Lower St. Marys River basin which encompasses 240,366 acres in northeastern Indiana. 
Project Goals:
  • Reduce sediment in all monitored streams to meet a level of 30mg/l by 2028
  • Reduce amount of trash/debris in the watershed by 50% by 2028
  • Reduce Atrazine levels to meet a level of 3.00 µg/l (ppb) in all monitored streams by 2028
  • Reduce levels of E. coli to meet IDEM water quality standards (235 cfu/100ml)
  • Reduce levels of nutrients to meet levels set forth by the TMDL:Nitrogen (10 mg/l), Phosphorus (0.30 mg/l) by 2028.  Reduce Ammonia levels so as not to exceed Criterion Continuous Concentration by 2028
  • Significantly reduce stormwater runoff and activity in Regulatory Flood Hazard Area in order to reduce severity and impacts of flooding by 2028
  • Increase Public Awareness and Participation by 50% by 2028